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Asia Ellington

Character Design • Vis Dev • Caricaturist

Asia Ellington (she/her) is a Filipino-Italian-Latinx artist, born and raised in the Bay Area, California. She's currently based in Glendale, working at Disney Television Animation on The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, and other unannounced projects. 

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Featured in:

•Fall 2021 "Bats' Night Out" an Asia Ellington x Dapper Day Collection

•Spring 2021 "Birds of a Feather" an Asia Ellington X Dapper Day Collection

• April 2020  R2KT- Star Wars Artist Month 

• October 2019 Disney Art 4 Ways, Maleficent 

• January 2019 Voyage LA Interview 

• November 2020- Featured Artist & Guest Speaker at ISCA Convention

• December 2020- Star Wars Celebration Art Show

Upcoming Events 2021:

August- SiliCon Artist Alley Aug 28+29

September- Lightbox Expo, Disney TVA Panel w/ Q&A, Sept 10

November- Dapper Day Expo, Signing and Prints, Nov 13+14


If you have any questions, or think I'd be a good fit for a project or gallery, please send an email my way!

Personal Commissions: CLOSED

To see what I'm up to right now, check out my Instagram or Twitter!

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About / Contact: Contact
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